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Birding and Photo Zafaris

in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan

Birding and Photography 

in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan

Eco Tourism, Birdwatching & Photography in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan  with Diego Nuñez
and Rio Lagartos Adventures

Diego Nuñez is an experienced and trained bird guide, naturalist and avid fly fisherman) who pioneered eco-tourism in Rio Lagartos more than 25 years ago when he established his family business. He now works with his son Diego and daughter Andrea the area’s only bird guide They are also trained as fishing guides. Diego’s wife Matildé runs the “Ria Maya Restaurante and Lodge
with help from daughter Andrea and son Diego
Diego has attended many classes and workshops on nature, birds and preservation of the Bio-reserve
and Petenes(fresh water springs) including the RARE Nature Guide Training Course Yucatan Peninsula (April 1998)
He studied with Barbara McKinnon in the first group of birding guides she helped train(1996) and he has continually helped to add to the bird counts that she keeps and publishes for Rio Lagartos and the Yucatan Peninsula.(see bird Lists in Navigation bar)He has personally added 6 new birds to the list.The count now is 395 for Rio Lagartos. and 555 for the Yucatan.

He is a qualified nature and birding instructor who has trained many of the guides in Rio Lagartos and has given classes to many groups of children and adults to help further their appreciation and understanding of the natural world around them.He has worked extensively with Pronatura,Ninos and Crias and other environment and Goverment Groups such as Conap.Diego has assisted visiting scientists and biologists with their research efforts and has been involved with bird monitoring,flamingo banding,crocodile tagging,maintaining water flow in the area’s fresh water springs,reforestation, as well as animal rescue work with sea turtles,flamingos, and area birds.