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Birding and Photography 

in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan

“Ria Maya” Lodge & Restaurant

On the Waterfront in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan

We Have 3 rooms on the waterfront and a 3 bedroom apartment

3 of the rooms at Ria Maya Lodge have a view of the harbor and are just feet from the water. There are five rooms total all with two double beds .All other rooms in Rio Lagartos have a road and traffic in front. The rooms are modern with full bath and all amenities. Refrigerator,Cable TV and internet.

A 3 bedroom Apartment is Available

We also have a 3 bedroom apartment with full kitchen . The apartment has a covered balcony. It was constructed in 2019. It is perfect for larger groups of birders or fishermen. It is just 100 meters from the water. It is the only apartment of its kind available in Rio Lagartos

The rooms are below and the restaurant above. The boat tours start just feet from your room

View of the commercial fishing boats in the harbor. Rio Lagartos has a very productive fishing fleet of small boats.